“Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen”, by Mary Norris

/ February 17, 2018

Between You and Me is a warm and witty celebration of words, and of a life lived among them. In the late Seventies, a young Mary Norris landed in The New Yorker’s editorial library almost by accident, and over the course of her career rose to prominence as the magazine’s Comma Queen. Between You and Me weaves stories of her

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Pesky Punctuation: The Forward Slash

/ February 1, 2018

My favourite – and possibly also my least favourite – thing about being an editor is falling down language rabbit holes on a near-daily basis. I recently fell down such a hole regarding the forward slash, and I return from my wanderings with the sad news that this innocuous little piece of punctuation – also known as the virugule, front

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